Mechanical Snow Clearance

Snowfall can quickly create dangerous situations.  To protect your business against costly compensation claims and keep your staff and visitors safe, we will clear your site during the night ready for the arrival of your staff in the morning.

This service is activated by the midday weather forecast when 5cm or more of snow is expected to fall in the period between 1200hrs and 0600hrs the following day.

Sophisticated weather forecasting systems that are extremely accurate  ensure this service is delivered at the right time for your location.  It includes snow clearance of access roads, delivery areas and a percentage of car parks (usually one third) which will be agreed in advance.  We then treat services with grit to maintain the condition of the road and pavement surfaces.


There are two payment options:

Cost per visit option will be based on the number of service visits undertaken each month and will be invoiced monthly.

Fixed seasonal cost is a fixed price option that includes all service visits (irrespective of how many) between the 1st Nov and the 31st March. 50% is invoiced up front and the remaining 50% is invoiced on the 1st January.

Our full range of services:

  • Gritting
  • Pedestrian Snow Clearance (only available in conjunction with our gritting service)
  • Mechanical Snow Clearance

Prices include labour, vehicles and materials and is subject to a full site survey and acceptance of terms and conditions.

Wherever you are in the UK you can be sure of the same excellent service.

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